Laptopsgamer is dedicated to helping gamer users with all the information of interest required when buying a laptop for gaming. We evaluate all the latest options in Windows notebooks, MacBooks, Chromebooks and 2-in-1s.

We are committed to analyzing all the news from the laptop gamer market, to make faster, clearer and easier the purchase options that suit the user according to their needs. That’s why we offer constant updates on our top pick lists, shopping guides, and reviews, to help limit your search and bring the best user experience when browsing our website.

LaptopsGamer also offers tips, tutorials and how-to advice for laptops and some desktops computers too.

Our History

We are passionate about the world of gaming, but we also value the portability of the devices. Our website arises from the concern of not finding any specialized media that combines gamer passion, with the portability of notebooks, which is something that is becoming increasingly important in a world that is constantly moving.

We find in the combination of the gamer world, and the world of laptops a very interesting mix that is opening more and more a space in the market that users are valuing a lot, and that is why we want to offer the best information of this new dedicated market for those looking for a good gaming experience.

We are truly committed to our readers in providing the best quality and truthful information, based on our own experience that seeks to put on your shoes when making a purchase.

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