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If you have considered buying a notebook for a gamer you have just arrived at the right place. A laptop has clear advantages in front of a desktop PC, such as a possibility of carrying it with you wherever you want and the simplicity when it comes to saving.

The quality of the advanced components of a laptop to run the games of the moment make them more powerful computers than most of the notebooks that we use to work.

Technical details to choose the best  laptop gamer at 2018

When looking for your notebook gamer model It is recommended that you look at the recommended hardware requirements for the games you are interested in playing, not the minimum requirements. Once these requirements have been identified, we recommend you to find the laptop that offers you 50% more power in every aspect of these requirements. You have to keep in mind that, normally, laptops are computers that bring their integrated components and cannot be replaced with more advanced ones. Thus, you will make sure that your team is useful for at least two years, while the technology of the Games continues to advance.

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The elements of your laptop are the ones that will decide the performance in the video games. It is true that there are thousands of games, both current and classic, high quality that does not require a system of the most powerful to enjoy, but if you want to play the latest productions, with the most advanced and good graphics card and sound, irremediably You will have to attend to the quality of these components.


The Display

For us, it is one of the main aspects when choosing a laptop for gaming.

Here we are not talking about the size of the screen because that although it does not seem more depends on the factor portability you’re looking for when we say screen, you have to look at 2 aspects:

  • What technology choose?: preferably decant by a led, or if you have the chance, for an IPS led. Then if it has antiglare or anti-glare much better, because this helps not to reflect the strong lights of the environment on the screen of the laptop and this, in the end, the view thanks.
  • What resolution?: although you can use an external monitor, it is preferable that you use (if you can) one with full HD resolution. Although it must be clarified that depending on the size of the screen that Escogas, an HD could suffice.


This component is part of the heart of the laptop for video games, which basically defines the balance between the processor or GPU, the graphics card and the RAM memory.

Mainly you must make sure that the processor consists of at least 4 cores, and that it works at a minimum of 2.5 GHz. It is advisable to look for a core i7 installed on the laptop, but if you need to adjust the budget, try to never be inferior to a core i5.

Video Chipset or Graphics Card

This element is of obvious importance to the performance of a good gamer notebook. It is most advisable to look for the installation of a graphics chip not inferior to the range 2GB GDDR5, and if your budget allows better with 4GB GDDR5 or higher.

Some gamer laptops support 4k outputs for external monitors, and can even connect two or three monitors at the same time. The more graphics power you have at your disposal, the greater the possibilities.


This is an aspect that cannot be permissive. For the correct performance at present, you should not require less than 8GB DDR4, suggesting a 16GB DDR4 RAM. The RAM memory works together with the processor and the graphics card, so it is not necessary for the moment to invest in larger amounts of memory of 24GB.

Now that you know the details that will fundamentally define your notebook for gaming, you will be able to choose without fear of mistaken, decidiéndote by your favorite brand or the extra details of your taste.


The webcam is important if you want to stream your games, but they are also basic for your online multiplayer games.

While it is true that this is not a determining point when buying a laptop for a gamer, is a detail to look in case you are undecided among some models with similar specifications.


Autonomy is something you have to take into account when buying a laptop, it is advisable to look at this section carefully.

It is true that depending on how long play outdoors or in places where it is not possible to connect to the current you can have some flexibility when choosing which laptop for gaming buy, but the battery is an aspect in which you must choose a laptop with Optimal autonomy for your needs and then you will not run out of battery in full online game.

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Which hard disk choose?

The hard drive set-up for a gaming laptop is also recommended for the High-performance standard notebook; That is, a SSD disk with one HDD, here you can play with the different storage capacities available.

Ideally a 250GB SSD and a 1TB HDD, but depending on your budget and needs you can play with this.

For example, if you only choose a single hard drive, it is advisable to select one of type SSD and here choose one that has the greatest storage capacity you can buy with your budget.

While it is true that the laptops with HDD are cheaper, it is we recommend whenever it is possible to opt for the solid state disks (SSD).

A third option would be to use the SSHD disks that are a hybrid between SSD and HDD, however, we have not proven how well these types of discs work, although it must be said that they have had a significant boom, as they allow to lower costs and use the optimal of the two technologies.



What are the best gaming laptop brands ?

More and more brands are launching their own models especially for gaming, so we can see how much this market has grown, and taking into account the advantages offered by a gaming laptop in regards to a common notebook, we have a wide variety of brands with a good quality gaming laptops, a rich shopping options and very good deals as far as laptop models gamer refers.

On the Top Rated Sellers we have:


Acer Laptops

Acer was one of the first brands of laptops to have exclusive models for gaming.

This year 2018 has been very good for Acer, as its models has become very popular among the gaming community, especially highlighting its very distinctive designs and offering very good options at low prices.

The Predator 21 X model for example with curved display aroused much admiration in the gamer community and on the other hand combined very well price and graphics power in the Predator Helios 300.

The Acer Gamer laptops, are very well distinguished especially by the pronounced angles that include in their finishes and by the palette of colors that usually move between shades black and red.

Also Acer, usually include very premium materials like they did for example, in the Predator Helios 300 of 15 inches and in the Nitro 5, that included aluminum in the construction of the notebook, which gives it a feeling of high-end laptop , instead of the Predator Helios 300 where plastic was used in its construction and here we see a finish that gives the feeling more mid-range.


ASUS Republic Of Gamer (ROG)

ASUS also is betting the gaming industry, launching its own exclusive series of dedicated gaming laptops.

This brand is one of the most versatile to our own, as it offers mid-range laptops that can be found from $600 onwards.

Asus Development The cooling Overboost technology for the ROG series, which allows adjusting the speed of the fans and usually equip their notebooks with an intelligent thermal design that enhances the efficiency of the refrigeration.

In this brand you can find a wide variety of laptops that depart with configurations from 4GB of RAM if your budget is adjusted, passing by 16GB and generally up to 32GB of RAM, with screen variations of 15″ and 17″.



Lenovo with its Legion series, (specifically the Model Legion Y920) has one of the most solid catalogs of the gaming sector.

At our discretion there is still some versatility in the gamer options offered by this brand, but in the list you have, we can find very good models.

The model Y720 of 15.6 “is one of the highest autonomy has accompanied by very good speakers.


MSI Gaming laptops

If you choose any MSI laptop model you will not go wrong, there is no margin of error, and it is a positive point of the brand.

This manufacturer offers very specific advantages in his catalog of laptops gamer as they are:

  • Laptops with good relation quality/price: Generally the laptops are very solid in their construction and this company has a very high user satisfaction rate.
  • Warranty/Damage Insurance: This brand is the only one that offers warranty in case of accidental damage when we register the laptop.
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